The Are You Happy? Project

Are you happy?

June 5th 2023

Take Part

Filmmakers around the world have been contributing to the project, asking people; Are you happy?

We are looking for people to get involved — re-staging or re-interpreting the 1960 interviews in their own neighbourhood today.

Irma Luz Poma Canchumani talked to friends and family in her rural community in Cochas Grande, Peru. Her insider position offers the viewer precious insights into that world.

Kate Nash decided to break with the standard interview approach. She set up outside the Museum of Old and New Art near Hobart, Tasmania with a sign explaining her question and waited for participants to come to her, with extraordinary results.

We are producing a number of outputs from the project. The web documentary “Searching for Happiness” (accessed from the homepage) launched in May 2013. Next, we plan to produce an interactive documentary which will draw on all the content we have received organised via theme — age, place, gender etc. For that we are seeking more contributions. Anyone taking part will be consulted over any use of their content and everyone who contributes is credited.

You can view all the filming that’s been done to date in the site Gallery. If you are interested in getting involved please email cont[email protected] for information and guidelines.

The Project

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Fifty years ago, Marceline Loridan and Nadine Baillot asked people on the streets of Paris,  Are you happy? in a documentary experiment by filmmaker anthropologist Jean Rouch and sociologist Edgar Morin. Half a century later, The Are you happy? project … Continue reading